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  • A Full Set Of Services

  • Retail, Brands and Campaigns.

    Marking and Branding.
  • Retail, Brands and Campaigns.

    Marking and Branding.


 Retailers wishing to start or modify their e-commerce operations want to explore different solutions and levels of outsourcing in order to find the one which best fits their organization and the desired level of investments.

e-Shops offers a complete set of services: e-commerce business consulting, setup of the e-commerce activity, web marketing and communication plans, full management of the on line store and more.

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Consulting services.

We help retailers to define their e-commerce strategic plan, the web marketing and communication strategy best suited for their market targets: social media, mobile, keyword advertising, branding and digital integration.

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Online store management.

Our team of online retail professionals effectively manages the on line store sale cycle, including product upload, order fulfillment, CRM, payment transactions, in store delivery..

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Online store setup.

We customize the e-commerce platform to fit the retailer organization, procedures and information system. A quick plug and play in most cases or a more complex activity depending on customer requirements.

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Digital Advertising Network.

An unique advertising network focused on affluent consumers.


  • Software Maintenance.
  • Customer Training.